About Young Futures

At Young Futures we are committed to providing high quality accommodation, keyworking support and dramatherapy to young people, parents and their children.

We help them develop important life and independent-living skills, which help build positive relationships, improve emotional resilience, raise self-esteem and support life-long learning.

Here at Young Futures, we take the privacy of all our young people and visitors, whether online or offline, very seriously. If you are interested in finding out more about our privacy policy please click here.

Our Mission Statement

Building a Sustainable Future for Care Leavers


Safeguarding is embedded in every aspect of our organisation from recruitment to move on. We help our young people understand our duty to share information. We communicate risks appropriately to our stakeholders.

We listen to our young people, helping them to realise that their voice is important and needs to be heard. We listen to our stakeholders and incorporate feedback to better improve our service.

We keep the wellbeing of the young person at the heart of the work, helping them to understand how to care for themselves. We take responsibility for our own wellbeing so that we can better serve the young people we support.

We strive at all times to facilitate the young person’s journey to independence by never completing a task that we could teach a young person to complete themselves. We help young people become more, not less, independent.

We offer the consistent relationship that our young people need and continue to offer support, even when it is challenging. We advocate tirelessly on behalf of our young people and help them to advocate tirelessly for themselves.

We use creative ideas, creative therapies and creative key-work sessions to engage the hardest to reach young people.

We strive for succinct and thoughtful communication at all times. We help our young people take responsibility for how they communicate. We take responsibility for helping integrate the support network around the young person.

We strive for the best possible professional standards and develop our knowledge to include new guidance and best practice wherever possible


  • We have worked with over 130 young people Leaving Care, and are expanding every year
  • Young People, Professional Social Care Professionals, Key-Stakeholders and referrers provide overwhelmingly positive feedback
  • We have consistently been rated ‘Outstanding’ in Local Authority Inspections
  • We are developing a bespoke database to measure and map, quantitatively and qualitatively, the interventions we make to impact the young people in our service.

Legal Status And Governance

Young Futures Legal Structure

  • Young Futures and Yvonne House are Community Interest Companies (CIC)
  • Young Futures is registered with Companies House under the number CIC 5962550
  • Yvonne House is registered as a Community Interest Company

Young Futures Board of Trustees
The operations of Young Futures are controlled under the direction of the Board of Trustees, within the regulatory framework set by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

  • The Trustees’ responsibilities include regularly evaluating the strategic direction of Young Futures and Yvonne House CIC’s, its management policies and the effectiveness with which the management implements them.
  • The Board of Trustees also have the power to hire independent legal, financial or other advisors as they deem necessary.
  • The Trustees’ responsibilities also include overseeing the structure and composition of the Young Futures Management Team and monitoring legal compliance and the management of risks related to the Young Futures operations.

Risk Management
Young Futures have Risk Management Policy and Procedures which outlines overall guidelines for risk management and related processes. The Policy is approved by the Board of Trustees, which is also responsible for oversight and evaluation of the Corporate Risk Register in connection with financial and business reviews, updates and decision-making proposals and is an integral part of the Trustees’ deliberations.

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