Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Support has become a cornerstone of our offer to young people who are referred to our service, often struggling to cope with traumatic or overwhelming experiences, which can prevent them from being able to engage with preparation for independence. We provide counselling or Dramatherapy, offering young people the opportunity to choose the approach that best suits them. Our therapists tune into young people’s needs, giving them a dedicated space to explore whatever they need to, empowering them to take the lead. The pressure-free approach allows young people to develop an emotional language, make sense of their experiences, and begin to believe in the possibility of a brighter future.


Experienced therapists from a variety of modalities working in a client-centred way to adapt to the specific need of the young person.

Space and time is given for therapeutic relationship to develop forging a safe environment within which change can be facilitated. Excellent uptake and engagement rates with many service users choosing long term therapy contracts.

In- House

Unique model of working inside the young person’s home and adapting the environment to support the need. External space also offered.

Therapists will adapt to meet the client where they feel most comfortable. The safer the client feels the more depth can be explored.

In- House therapy also facilitates consistent and regular engagement.


Young people develop their emotional resilience and ability to reflect upon their past. Coping mechanisms are identified and support networks built.

The therapist will help the young person identify appropriate and achievable goals which enables them to map their progress. Emphasis is placed on building resilience for the future as well as restorative work.


Diverse team of highly qualified and experienced therapists from different modalities.

Our therapists have extensive experience reaching the most resistant and ‘hard to reach’ young people, with 1000+ client contact hours and being qualified to at least Diploma level. Therapists are members of their modality’s professional body, participate in regular, targeted CPD and networking to enhance their practice and professional development.


Regular and prompt communication with the professional network

Providing client centred evaluation and evidence of therapeutic process.

Aiding and enhancing both organisational and multi-agency work and understanding.


Young people set the agenda of the session. Their views, wishes and feelings are actively integrated into the service.

Our therapists will actively seek the goals and motivators for each individual client and are experienced at tailoring sessions to meet the needs of the young person, this enables engagement, active participation and empowerment.

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