Yvonne House

Yvonne House is a 24-hour therapeutic residential unit for 16-18-year-old vulnerable females. Purpose built and designed specifically with young women in mind, it has 9 high quality en suite studios, a specialist therapeutic service and a multi-function room that hosts a wide range of workshops and activities from boxing, to creative writing, to graffiti art, to movie nights.

We are an aspirational project that believes in the importance of the highest quality, personalised support for care leavers during their difficult transition to independence; we want these young women to feel confident, equipped and hopeful about the future.  Yvonne House aims to be much more than a safe and comfortable home. We want to be a place young people will remember as somewhere where they were supported to broaden their horizons and think bigger.

Bespoke Accomodation

Bespoke purpose-built accommodation with highest quality finishing, modern interior and state of the art security systems

Aspirational accommodation means young people live in a home they can be proud of which is centrally located and specifically designed to promote their health, safety, development and wellbeing. Yvonne House is fully compliant with the latest Children’s Homes Quality Standards and ensures all staff understand and exceed these

Personalised Packages

Personalised packages of 1:1 coaching, care planning, group work and individualised long-term therapeutic support.

Care planning, goal setting and safety planning is completed in collaboration with the young people. There are clear boundaries and expectations of the placement. The environment and culture is underpinned by a strategy which helps young people focus on their goals and manages behaviour thoughtfully and effectively. Young people are offered therapy to develop emotional resilience and recover from trauma. The transition through care is made clear and planned towards.

Expert Team

High performing team of trained and motivated staff, informed by the latest research and quality standards

Staff work with the young people to build warm and nurturing relationships which provide a stable base for long-term behaviour change. Cutting edge research in working successfully with adolescents in and leaving care is incorporated into every aspect of the work, including Motivational Interviewing and the AMBIT model of working. Statutory Quality Standards are understood and adhered to. Therapeutic support is delivered by highly trained and experienced professionals.

Young People Orientated

Young People’s views, wishes and feelings are actively integrated into service development

Residents are given regular and varied opportunities to contribute to the successful running of Yvonne House. Their wishes are feelings are actively sought and acted upon unless it is contrary to their interests. They are helped to understand when it is not possible to act on their wishes and why. They are given opportunities for leadership and personal development

Personal Development

Residents develop their emotional, intellectual, social creative and physical skills and interests

Able to explore and make sense of their identity through the use of sports, culture and arts activities; a sense of belonging is generated and positive self-esteem and wellbeing promoted.

Young people develop new hobbies and interests, leading to a growth in social skills and confidence.

Professional Communication

Regular and prompt communication with the professional network

Professionals work collaboratively to develop and manage care plans with the young person and their network; Information is shared appropriately and promptly with clear plans, priorities, outcomes and actions


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